We help businesses and individuals solve their legal and compliance issues.

Corporate Matters

Company incorporation, corporate compliance, licenses and permits, filing corporate changes with competent authorities.

Real Estate

Lease, perpetual lease & sale-purchase agreements, legal due diligence, property transfer, registration of real rights under Civil Code, construction permit & license application.

Finance & Banking

Facility or syndicated loan agreement, various banking templates, compliance review of finance related documents.

Capital Market

Disclosure document review, compliance advice, fund investment advice and drafting subscription agreement and related documents


Labor compliance review and advice, labor compliance registration with Ministry of Labor, and Vocational Training and NSSF registration and contribution under occupational risk, healthcare, and pension schemes.

Intellectual Property

Trade Mark registration or amendment; Patent, Utility Model Patent Registration.

Due Diligence

Legal Opinion and/or legal Due Diligence report for M&A, IPO listing and Legal Compliance.

Consultancy & Legal Research

Legal compliance advice, succinct memo or report on specific inquiry.

Litigation & Dispute Resolution

Criminal and civil court proceedings, commercial arbitration process, recognition and enforcement of a foreign arbitral award in Cambodia, ADR process.